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    PsycHrometric chart (SI Units, Sea Level, Barometric pressure: kPa). Dry Bulb Temperature °C. Humidity Ratio (kg of moisture per kg of dry air). 0. 5. DRY BULB TEMPERATURE - °C. 5. Download scientific diagram | Psychrometric Chart in SI units. from publication: An Empirical Study of Energy Efficiency of Clothes Dryers | The domestic clothes .

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    Psychrometric Chart Si Units Download

    PsycHrometric chart (SI Units, Sea Level, Barometric pressure: kPa). Dry Bulb Temperature C. Humidity Ratio (kg of moisture per kg of. Psychrometric chart (SI Units) (pdf) 62 downloads Views 67KB Size Report PSYCHROMETRIC CHART Normal Temperature IP Units SEA LEVEL. NORMAL TEMPERATURES. SI METRIC UNITS. Barometric Pressure , kPa. SEA LEVEL. 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 85 90 95 E.

    Hyland and A. Wexler, in whose reports published by ASHRAE , dry air, water vapor and moist air are all treated as real gases, rather than ideal gases. The altitude, pressure, dry-bulb temperature range and humidity ratio range can be specified by the user. Lines and curves for different parameters are shown in different colors, widths, densities and visibilities which can be changed by the user whenever necessary. Various kinds of objects drawn on the chart You can draw points, straight lines, cooling coils, mixing lines to represent different air conditions or processes.

    (Colored) Psychrometric Chart (Si Units)

    Credits Overview The aim of this web app is to create an interactive psychrometric chart on which you can project a range of comfort metrics as well as mapping weather data or room air conditions calculated using EnergyPlus. You can add or remove lines for a range of different metrics or highlight them individually to assist with dynamic explanations or presentations. The Psychrometric Chart The terms psychrometry and psychrometrics refer to the study of moist air and its thermodynamic properties.

    Whilst obviously important in the design of air-conditioning systems, these concepts are also fundamental to the understanding of many aspects of thermal comfort in buildings and the principles of climate-responsive design. The Relative Humidity Chart When developing this tool, I really wanted to be able to morph seamlessly between the standard psychrometic chart and the much simpler relative humidity chart.

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    Having taught psychrometrics to architects in the past, I found that a major hurdle was trying to convincingly explain why the psychrometric chart uses absolute humidity in the vertical axis instead of the more familiar metric of relative humidity, and why its characteristic curved layout is so important.

    Now, by simply animating back and forth between the two chart types, most of that explanation becomes pretty obvious as you get to see very clearly the majority of psychrometric processes change from straight lines under the absolute humidity axis to complex curvilinear lines under relative humidity. Interesting Features The following are some of the features of this app: You can position the current indicator by pressing and dragging anywhere within the chart to see the relevant psychrometric values at that position, all listed in the top-left corner of the psychrometric chart.

    When overlaying the Givoni Bioclimatic Chart, you can adjust the average mean outdoor air temperature used to derive the comfort zone in order to investigate the effects of adaption.

    You can also choose to automatically track average mean outdoor air temperature based on loaded hourly weather data and the current date range. In addition to annual hourly weather data, you can also load and display the results of EnergyPlus calculations.

    Either select the Load CSV Here, we see it shown as 16 degrees Celsius. This is assuming the pressures are the same. A sling psychrometer is a measuring tool that can be used to determine Dry-Bulb and Wet-Bulb readings.

    This device contains two thermometers, and one has a wet sock on the tip. The person taking the readings would just sling it around for a minute and take the two readings.

    Electronic ones are available at reasonable prices. Find 25 along the sole and draw a vertical line from that value.

    Psychrometric chart (SI Units) (pdf)

    Take the DB line all the way to the saturation line. Find 18 along the inseam and draw a diagonal line along the Wet-Bulb line. Draw a point where the two lines intersect. Remember our sample humidity ratio was You may have to line up the readings through the point.

    What is the Enthalpy? Looks like it is approximately 51 kJ per kg of dry air. For this example, we estimate this to be 0. You can download one right from this presentation by clicking on the paperclip icon.

    Find the remaining values: - What is the Humidity Ratio? When you are done, your chart should look something like this.


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