Practical Mind‑Reading isbn: ‑1‑‑‑4 (pdf) isbn: ‑1‑‑‑ 1 . believer in Thought Transference and Mind Reading, and has written the. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Telepathy, Mental-Currents and Mental Rapportby. A Course of Lessons on Thought-Transference, Telepathy, Mental-Currents and Mental Rapport. On all hands we hear of the wonders of Thought Transference, or Tele pathy, as it is called.

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    Practical Mind Reading Pdf

    shall have to say about the theory of Mind Reading. We shall now pass on to the actual practical instruction. The student is asked, however, to always carry in his. Although this may seem like a simple concept, Derren Brown used a magic concerned you Easy Mentalism Blues Guitar Lesson Book - Learn & Master. Practical Mind Reading deals with all aspects of mind reading, thought transference, telepathy, mind currents from one person to another, mental rapport .

    A Mind Reading is not a magic trick, it's a fact - and this book teaches you exactly how to do it. Practical Mind Reading deals with all aspects of mind reading, thought transference, telepathy, mind currents from one person to another, mental rapport between individuals and much, much more. Throughout there is an underscoring of practical application. Even if you are not interested in the practical aspects, mind reading and thought transference are still fascinating subjects to read about. The author, William Walker Atkinson, has based his text on scientific tests, experiments and research which provide practical proofs.

    Contact Mind Reading also known as Muscle Reading, Hellstromism, and Cumberlandism is a method of reading a person's thoughts by receiving impulses transmitted through muscle movements. Performed well, it is the closest thing to genuine mind reading that can be reliably demonstrated.

    Practical Mind-Reading

    The method was first developed in the late Victorian period where it was sometimes used by psychics and mediums. In the 20th Century it was used by mentalists such as The Amazing Kreskin in their mental magic acts. The method is not difficult to learn, but does require some practice. You should try out the following experiments with several different people to learn some of the different sensations to feel out for.

    Also some people are much better transmitters than others and, from experience, you will learn how to judge whether or not a person will be a good subject.

    Practical Mind-Reading by William Walker Atkinson (ebook)

    Reading Ideomotor Responses Contact Mind Reading works because a person's intentions will, quite subconsciously, determine their physical movements. This ideomotor response is the same one that is responsible for the movements of the pendulum or divining rod in dowsing. By becoming aware of another person's ideomotor responses, it is possible to discover their thoughts and intentions. The basic method used in these experiments is to detect the slight unconscious movements in a person's hand that will indicate their conscious intentions.

    It is important that you hold the person's hand in the correct way.

    You should lightly take hold of the person's left wrist from above with your right hand, gently supporting their fingers and thumb with your left hand. In this way, you will be able to easily detect the subtle movements in the hand that will indicate their intentions. Some performers, however, prefer that the person takes hold of the mind reader's wrist.

    Quite unknown to the participant, and undetectable by anyone else, the person will subtly "lead" you by moving their hand in a particular direction.

    You can detect this simply by paying attention to the slight hand movements which will be towards the intended direction.

    You will also notice a slight pull of resistance if you attempt to move in the wrong direction. You will soon learn how to follow these movements.

    Generally, Contact Mind Reading involves nothing more than following the direction of least resistance in the person's hand movements. It is really as simple as that.

    You will find it much more impressive and actually easier to do if you are blindfolded during the procedure. Also you should specifically tell the person NOT to lead you they will not be able to stop their unconscious movements.

    Experiments in Contact Mind Reading Experiment 1: Find the object When this has been done, you should return and ask for a volunteer whose mind you will attempt to read. Make sure that the person you choose knows where the object is, and do NOT choose someone you suspect will try to make things difficult for you.

    Stand in the middle of the space and optionally ask to be blindfolded. But if you do have an interest in how to become a mind reader, this is just the book for you. It is full of practical directions and clear instructions on how to achieve success.

    Practical Mind Reading: A Course of Lessons on - Forgotten Books

    You must enable JavaScript in your web browser to view this website. Text size: Book Contents. The Nature Of Mind Reading 2. The Proofs Of Mind Reading 3.

    Development Exercises 5. Simple Demonstrations 6. Difficult Demonstrations 7.